System Automation

Automation is the use of control systems, electric valves and pumps along with data collection to control a process. Properly applied the use of automation can greatly increase the reliability of systems while at the same time lowering the operational costs.

Automation plays an increasingly important role in the environment and the economy. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities.

Specialized mini computers, referred to as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), are frequently used to synchronize the flow of data inputs from physical sensors (level indicators, flow meters, and water quality monitoring devices) and events with the flow of outputs to pumps, valves and blowers. This leads to precisely controlled actions that permit a tight control of almost any process.  Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) or Computer Human Interfaces (CHI), formerly known as man-machine interfaces, are usually employed to communicate with PLCs and other computers, such as entering and monitoring temperatures or pressures for further automated control. e3 Environmental represents manufacturers of control systems, automated valves, pumps and sensors. With over 50 years combined experience in the automation of environmental systems working with these manufacturers can ensure compatibility of the components. If you have a system or process that you would like to discuss automating please contact us at

Automation Manufacturers

  • American Manufacturing Co. Inc. - American Manufacturing will design and build most any onsite wastewater or water system controller that is typically used today. American Manufacturing becomes involved with the entire operation of the system whether potable water, process water, or wastewater. American has on-staff Professional Engineers, designers, soils scientists, and trained sales people with state-of-the-art experience in control systems. Our objective is to provide the most practical, economical, and efficient control device for fluid handling. We inventory many standard application controls and are able to manufacture special application panels in a very timely manner due to our modular design and manufacturing methods.

  • Automated Control Systems. - Automated Control Systems Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial electrical control panels for the water and sewer industry. With more than 50 years of hydraulic experience, and a staff of seasoned control professionals, we offer time tested reliable design, simplicity of repair, and outstanding technical support. We are wholesalers and manufacturers of engineered products customized to specific product applications.

  • Assured Automation. - Assured Automation is a leading provider of automated valves and flow components for industrial process control applications. For over 20 years we have been providing state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to the Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

  • Greyline. - Greyline develops and manufactures industrial non contacting flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment, industrial process automation and for environmental monitoring.