American PercRite® Drip Dispersal

e3 Environmental  is the Mid Atlantic representative for American Manufacturing Company’s Perc-Rite® drip dispersal system. Drip dispersal is a proven, reliable system that offers advantages over all conventional and alternative  on-site wastewater dispersal systems. American Manufacturing has over 25 years experiance in the proper application of drip dispersal technology.

Perc-Rite® Drip Dispersal provides the following benefits:

• Cost savings, easy design and ease of installation
• Lower system profile and better blending into sloping sites
• Preservation of landscaping features compared to other traditional soil absorption systems. Existing turf, shrubs, and trees frequently remain undisturbed.
• Environmental improvement because of shallow placement and plant uptake of water
• Difficult sites can be easily accommodated
• System is pre-engineered for single family home and other small flow settings up to about 25,000 gallon per day. Full engineering support provided for over 1MGD
• Can be used in A, B, or C soil horizons resulting in little to no sand fill needed
• Septic tank effluent, secondary quality effluent, or more highly treated wastewater can be accommodated
• Used throughout the United States, Canada and PuertoRico. Thousands of installations in all types of climate and site conditions
• E3 and American provide fully design and installation support.  
• The Perc-Rite® is technologically superior and holds 7 technological patents

Residential Design Guides and State Specific Calctools. RESIDENTIAL DRIP

Commercial Engineering Design Manual.  COMMERCIAL DRIP